Magpul Core Flight Gloves


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$ 28.48
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The Flight Gloves from Magpul are based upon the first Nomex flight gloves that have been worn by military aviators since the 1960s. Updated with modern materials and fit, the Magpul Flight Gloves provide comfort, flash resistance, and protection. Designed to fit like a second skin, the Flight Gloves are touchscreen compatible, and perfectly at home inside a cockpit or outside for high dexterity tasks

  • Durable yet soft one-piece leather palm and finger construction enhances feel and control of firearms
  • Back of glove is constructed with flash-resistant Nomex
  • Forefinger is narrow and minimalistic, providing easy access and better control of firearm triggers
  • Gauntlet length coverage extends past wrist
  • Ambidextrous three-finger touchscreen capability
  • Super flexible and dexterous 
  • Subdued Magpul branding for enhanced camouflage and concealment


SMALL 6.5"-7.5" (16.5-19cm)

MEDIUM 7.5"-8.5" (19-21.5cm)

LARGE 8.5"-9.5" (21.5-24cm)

X-LARGE 9.5"-10.5" (24-27cm)

XX-LARGE 10.5"+ (27+cm)

To determine your glove size:

  1. With a measuring tape or string, measure the circumference around your hand just below the knuckles (do not include your thumb)
  2. Measure length of the string and check the sizes above to find the closest match
  3. Our gloves are designed to fit snugly.  If you prefer a looser fitting glove, please select one size larger than you typically wear

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