MTN OPS Ammo - Protein + Meal Replacement - 28 Serving Scoop


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$ 34.97
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  • PERFECT ALTERNATIVE FOR THAT UNHEALTHY LUNCH: Perfect meal replacement for you to get fit, stay fit, lose weight, or get to a balanced nutrition level
  • FEEL FULLER AND MORE SATISFIED: Provides you with all the nutrients of a very well-balanced meal, while at the same time being flavorful and fulfilling
  • BENEFIT FROM THE ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS IN FRUITS AND VEGGIES: 19 grams of protein per serving; packed with 4.5 servings of real vegetables and fruits, contains daily recommended fiber and the healthy fats
  • LOSE WEIGHT MORE HEALTHILY: Accelerates fat loss with the help of flaxseed, an essential omega fatty aid for weight loss
  • GO FOR HOURS AFTERWARDS: Produces long-lasting satiety on top of satisfying the body's immediate needs
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