RailScale G10 M-Lok 3 Slot Cover, Dunes 1pk


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Simple SKU: RS-G-M-DN3-BLK
$ 19.00
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A RailScales Dune G10 rail cover will transform your AR into a weapon that you can really wrap your hands around. State of the art G10 material stands in its power against the intense heat a rifle of this caliber emits, without sacrificing its wicked aesthetic appeal. At a maximum thickness of 0.125” and a miniscule weight of 0.3 oz, you can load your M-LOK or KeyMod attachment system with as many RailScales G10 Dune rail covers you need to customize your rifle to meet your specific requirements. Choose Rail Scales Dune KeyMod 4 or 6 hole, or M-LOK 2 or 3 slot configurations at Omaha Outdoors, and gain ultimate control of your weapon.
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