Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 Holster - Full Kit

$ 10.99


$ 10.99
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The VanGuard 2 covers only the trigger guard of your weapon.  By doing this it eliminates much of the bulkiness of traditional holsters, while providing a level of safety and security that you cannot obtain by just sticking your handgun in your waistband.  

The versatility of the VanGuard 2 allows it to be used in multiple ways.  It can be used as a standalone trigger guard cover for use while the weapon is in storage or being transported.  This prevents foreign objects from entering the trigger guard and potentially pressing the trigger, while still allowing for the user to rack the slide and remove the magazine safely without the danger of a negligent discharge.  

It can also be used with its included lanyard.  When used with its lanyard, the VanGuard 2 functions as a static-line tether for on-body (IWB) or off-body carry, such as inside a bag, a purse, briefcase, vehicle center console, etc.  This allows you to store the weapon safely with a chambered round, while still being rapidly deployable.  

In its final configuration, the VanGuard 2 can be used with its installed IWB Soft Loops.  While used as a complete system, the holster is fully adjustable for ride-height, cant, is tuckable for maximum concealment, and its fully ambidextrous.  With the VanGuard 2 you have a stable and secure IWB holster that covers the trigger guard and prevents negligent discharges.  

This full kit includes

  • VanGuard 2
  • IWB Soft Loops installed
  • Nylon lanyard

**Note**:  Raven Concealment Systems does NOT advise that you attempt to re-holster your weapon while the VG2 is inside your clothing.  You should remove the VG2, install it on your weapon while it is outside your clothing, then replace the weapon inside your waistband.

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