UF PRO 3D Tactical Impact Knee Pads


$ 31.95


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$ 31.95
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 The 3D Tactical Impact Knee Pads feature a special multidimensional shape that instantly conforms to your knees and their superb protective material gives you the protection you need. You’ll easily forget you’re even wearing them thanks to their super-lightness and absence of need for periodic readjustment with additional cords. The Impact Knee Pads constructed of special material that gives you comfort and when you need it most, maximum protection. Under normal conditions, each pad is highly flexible. Upon impact, they stiffen to keep your knees safe.

Chose the IMPACT version to absorb the energy from falls or blunt force directed at the knees.


  • Excellent shock-absorbing and cushioning properties
  • Anatomically correct shape
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced penetration-resistance by adding UF PRO® Solid Pads
  • Insert: PU foam
  • Mesh: 100% Polyester
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