Vertx Fusion LT Stretch Tactical Pants


$ 74.95


Simple SKU: VTX1200-DT-30x32
$ 74.95
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The Vertx Fusion LT Stretch Tactical Pants will give you the best of many worlds. It keeps to the traditional Vertx look, but adds more features and functionality. The biggest game changer is the stretch like material. Blowing out the seems or being limited to movements will be a thing in the past. They will form to your every move.

Other design changes are the pocket placements. You will find the the same side pockets, but unlike the others, you will have a side faced zipper pocket on the side of the leg for seated use. You will also find an additional pocket over top of the primary back pocket. Make the guys your next outdoor go to pants. 

5oz: 40% Polyester, 24% 37.5® Polyester, 36% Cotton


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