Violent Little AR-15 "Thunderstruck" Morale Patch

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$ 7.99
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The AR-15 Thunderstruck Patch, ladies and gentlemen. Anybody else feel like we're getting close to game time? It's worth fighting for. Keep yours. Buy more.  Doesn't it just feel good to be on THIS side? Don't mess with the special sauce...nobody does this better than America. If they did, you'd want to be there, because you love freedom and people staying out of your fucking business. Yes, it feels SO GOOD. This is the way the world should be. Nobody kills more people than governments...'member that. Our freedom is always in our hands, that's what makes Americans "different" than everybody else. Don't like it? Move. This is how we do it you can fuck right off (that kinda sounded Canadian right there, eh?).

  • 3" x 1.3" inches
  • Hook Velcro backed, embroidered
  • You've been...thunderstruck.
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