Arc’teryx Leaf is an outdoors company that was born out of the wilderness.  The company is well known for its close attention to craftsmanship in all of the products that it produces.  The main purpose of Arc’Teryx is to create outdoor sportswear and apparel that will deliver its wearers the confidence they need to tackle an adventure outdoors.  To ensure that their products are of the absolute highest quality, able to withstand the elements of the outdoors, Arc’Teryx has patterned itself with a variety of reputable suppliers and factories across the globe. 

It’s for this reason that Arc’Teryx is named after Archaeopteryx Lithographica, which according to evolutionary history, was the first reptile that ever evolved the feathers it needed for flight.  Just like how the Archaeopteryx gained the attire it needed to gain confidence and soar (literally) to new levels, so can users of Arc’Teryx do the same on their own outdoor adventures. 

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