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Multitasker Twist
$ 59.95
Multitasker Twist Weapons Accessories MultiTasker Black
Burnt Bronze
Multitasker Twist Weapons Accessories MultiTasker Burnt Bronze
Multitasker Twist Weapons Accessories MultiTasker Tan

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Tactical knives are some of the most versatile and valuable weapons on the market. Whether you’re hunting, surviving in the wilderness, or engaged in combat training, a tactical knife is a terrific asset that offers potentially life-saving protection in an easy-to-carry and concealable design. Featuring knives, training blades, and creepers used by military and law enforcement worldwide, our inventory ensures you’re getting the best quality manufacturing with tools that offer exceptional performance in the field and beyond.

Our selection includes some of the top-rated brands in the industry, like Black Triangle, Multitasker, and Benchmade. Whether you need a tactical knife with folding capabilities or prefer a non-folding design, we offer a wide range of models. Our knives are made from the strongest high carbon steel and PVD coating, enhancing longevity and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Contoured grips on the handle enhance comfort and precision while blending into any environment with neutral color options.

At Tactical Distributors, we know the importance of training for safety and performance purposes. That’s why our selection also features several trainers with dull edges to allow for effective combat training. Since the trainers are exact replicas of their live blade counterparts, you can have the same carry position, sheath, and feel with your blade trainer.

When shopping for an actual blade, we offer various blade lengths and edges to suit any need. Choose from rough saw cut, fine edge, and double-edged options. No matter what you need for your tactical situation, you can find it in our selection, from small, pocket-sized multi-tools to knives and even Zippo lighters. The Multitasker Twist multitool is an excellent addition to any range bag with its capability to function as a screwdriver, pin punch, or hex bit. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry so you can maintain all your weapons on the go and ensure you’re always prepared. Sheaths made of leather are included with many of our tactical tools for your convenience and protection.

Whether you’re in training, on the job, or braving the elements in the wilderness, these dependable knives protect with top-notch performance and unmatched resilience. We would be happy to assist you further if you have any questions.