When it comes to preventing problems before they even begin, where do you turn to? You'd need a company that understands the unique issues that men and women in service encounter daily and be constantly ahead of the game to ease these issues well before they become a bigger problem.

Tactical Distributors is proud to present our partnership with such a company, True North Concepts. Across all industries and applications, True North began and continues to exist to create some of the finest, most reliable tools to prepare men and women for the challenges that come to them daily. True North Concepts design some of the most sought-after Gripstops, Modular holster adapters and must-have swag. They also offer consulting, design services, and supply chain management for companies within the defense, outdoor and outdoor firearms industries.

With such expertise at hand, this is a company we're proud and humbled to be able to provide products to our Tactical family. Their legendary Gripstops have provided the much-needed ergonomics many rifles today lack. True North's Gripstops perfect the grip, doubles as a barricade stop to create a more stable shooting position, and is constructed from only the highest-quality materials made last. Their precision design for modular holster adapters eliminates unwanted movements from the more common alternative factory polymer belt adapters. Additionally, their modular holster adapters are made from the most rugged, non-ferrous DFARS grade 6061-T6 aluminum Type 3 MIL-SPEC hard-coated anodized.

If you love companies that go above and beyond for the comfort and precision of the men and women that serve and protect, you'll no doubt love to rep this company with their amazing merch too.

At Tactical Distributors, our mission is always critical to provide nothing less than the best to our family, whether you need precision gear to keep your tactical performance better than ever or everything the outdoor hobbyist and professional could ever need. Questions about our exclusive, competitively priced True North collection? Want to know more about these and our other products? Reach out to us at any time! Our professional team of customer service representatives are eager to assist.