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When you think tactical protective gear, you probably associate it with LEO, the Military, the Navy, or Special Ops, for example. While not wrong, tactical gear is now one of the most popular and crucial items for fire and rescue teams, hunters, survivalists, those who enjoy extreme sports, and more.

Regardless of the mission, the Ops, or the sport—when it comes to tactical gear, you know that it is critical to use only the best. In many situations, your equipment can make the difference between survival and struggle, sometimes life or death. We understand how imperative it is to have the right gear to be successful. We have dedicated more than a decade to ensuring that every piece of tactical protective gear we provide is made with premium materials, with safety as our top priority.

Members of the military face some of the most extreme hazards. Survivalists, hunters, and mountaineers push themselves to the limit—it's why we continue to support these individuals around the world with the best protection. Whether you've been searching for today's most cutting-edge helmet solutions, the world's most durable nylon materials, or a head-to-toe portfolio of body armor, we're here to help.

You'll find only the world's most trusted brands in top tactical protective gear offered at TD, with affordable price points for all. No matter your job, occupation, or sport, you deserve cutting-edge gear that can keep you safe and give you that leading edge in all you do—and that's why we're here.

At Tactical Distributors, you'll find the exact piece for any kit; if you can't find it, our expert Tactical customer service team is eager and ready to assist you. Not only can you call us at 1-866-916-6905, but you can also email us at

We're committed to our customers through quality tactical gear and products and going above and beyond in everything we do—as our customers do every day. Don't forget to sign up today to get Tactical Rewards; for every piece you purchase, you can earn points to save up to 30% off future orders ensuring that the more you shop with us, the more you save.

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