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There is no denying that in the field or on the job, there will inevitably be some serious situations. When medical emergencies happen, be prepared with a tactical first aid kit. Whether treating small scraps to avoid infection of handling a major crisis to avoid more serious consequences, having a proper tactical first aid kit can make things easier. Aside from the professional needs including the TCCC or Tactical Combat Casualty Care methodology used on the field, reliable first aid kits are a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast or camper.

We offer a diverse selection of products for tactical first aid purposes, including military grade medical pouches, all-inclusive medical kits, tourniquets, blood type badges, and more. All of the medical kits containing supplies run the gamut of needs for most minor situations, such as bandages, wraps, antiseptics, burn gels, and more. These options are great for traveling, camping, outdoor adventures, and home use. For a more advanced approach to tactical first aid, our trauma kits developed by a U.S Army medical sergeant can help treat the three leading causes of in-the-field deaths. Most casualties are caused by hemorrhaging, air leaking into the chest cavity from a punctured lung, and airway obstructions. These trauma kits can reduce these dangers with necessities such as QuickClot combat gauze, HALO chest seals, various pressure dressings, and more. These kits are vacuum sealed and can be easily carried in standard magazine pouches. They have various expiration dates, but most last for up to 2 years. From first aid kits ideal for camping trips to trauma kits designed to save lives on the field, we have a kit for every need. In addition to our kits, we offer many individual items to include in your first aid lineup, such as utility blankets, triage knives, fire starters, rescue tools, skin adhesives, splints, and more. Find exactly what you need to keep safety a top priority with our wide inventory of first aid kits and supplies.

If you have any questions or need assistance in locating the right item or kit for your needs, we would be happy to help. Call or order today!