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Your eyes are one of your most important assets in the tactical world. If you aren’t protecting your vision, you are lowering your capabilities and running the risk of injury. With the right tactical eyewear, you can protect your eyes while looking stylish at the same time.

We offer a diverse selection of tactical eyewear to meet your high standards. With an inventory featuring only the best brands in the business, such as Oakley, Smith, Edge, and more, we ensure you always get the very best in terms of quality construction built to last and rugged performance you can count on in any situation. Our selection of tactical eyewear features a variety of lens colors and types designed to assist you in specific settings or tasks. For example, many of the tactical eyewear options we offer feature visual recognition features to help narrow down the scope of the target, color tuned lenses to help remove eye strain and reduce background noise, and lenses designed to improve visual acuity to see reticle patterns under the scope. These glasses also block 100% of the sun’s harmful and distracting UV and UVB rays, as well as varying wavelength measurements of violet-blue light. The frames are made from various materials that are built to withstand the rugged lifestyle of a tactical professional. They are reinforced to avoid breakage and most options allow for you to change out the lens depending on your need. In addition to the glasses featured in out inventory, we also offer a range of replacement lenses in various colors and functions. Whether you need high-performing glasses for the field, the range, or a mission, these options for exceptional eyewear have been designed with your unique needs in mind. To meet the civilian standard for safety, some of our eyewear options meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards. For even more protection, some of our pieces offered are also tested and are ballistic rated, meaning that they meet the military standards. The main difference between the two is that military testing is similar to ANSI, except the requirements are different. All eyewear that passes these tests may be qualified to list on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List. While most military-grade eyewear will meet ANSI certifications, normal ANSI-certified glasses will not be APEL certified. Look for the symbols on the glasses to ensure you are getting the correct standard eyewear for your needs.

At Tactical Distributors, we are dedicated to being your source for all things tactical related. With a wide selection of the best brands in the industry, we are confident you will find the perfect solution for your personal or professional needs. Please contact us with any questions while shopping our large inventory.