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Taking care of your feet can make the difference between a mind focused on the task at hand or a mind distracted by discomfort. With the right tactical shoes, keep your head in the action while giving your feet the support and comfort they deserve to keep you going through whatever comes next.

We offer a large selection of tactical shoes designed to meet your high-performance needs for a range of rugged terrains and rough situations. Our inventory of high-quality options features the best brands in the business such as Adidas, Salomon, Salewa, and more for dependable performance to meet your standards, durable construction to last through rugged endeavors, and exceptional comfort features for tactical shoes of the highest grade. When choosing tactical shoes, there are certain elements that are important to consider. From the longevity of the material to the support provided, shoes are manufactured and designed with your needs in mind. Choose from shoes with such thoughtful features as waterproof materials, added arch support, moisture wicking properties, and odor control with antimicrobial elements to stop bacteria in its tracks. From the various types of high-traction soles to the padded ankle interiors, no detail has been spared with these tactical and LEO friendly shoes. They are also great for camping trips or any rough, rugged adventure you may have in mind. In addition to the wide selection of high-quality shoes for tactical and outdoor purposes, we also carry the best in socks to go along with them. Choose from various styles of Darn Tough socks made with Merino wool which is known to be the highest ranking in absorbency and moisture control. Whether you need new insoles for added comfort, a pair of reliable socks, or shoes designed to keep up with your intense endeavors, find it all in one place with our options.

At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to being your source for all your tactical needs with our large selection of top brands. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tactical shoe?

A tactical shoe is a type of footwear, likely a tactical boot, which is specially designed to handle tough situations. These shoes must be hardwearing and sturdy, while also being comfortable for all day wear. Generally, these shoes are made from Gore-Tex, leather, or another sturdy material that can handle the wear and tear that a tactical lifestyle puts on it.

What tactical shoes do Navy Seals wear?

While you may be thinking that Navy Seals have to wear a specific brand or style of boots, there is no such restriction at this time. Instead, they are encouraged to wear tactical boots that are durable, comfortable, and versatile, so their boots can handle any mission or activity that is thrown at them. There are a variety of boots on the market with differing materials, heights, and soles, and finding the right fit is truly based on preference and where you will be on a mission. In some cases, Navy Seals have different kind of boots depending on the mission they will be sent on.

What are the best waterproof tactical shoes?

While there are leaders in the industry, such as Gore-Tex, choosing the best waterproof tactical shoe is very relative to the shopper. Waterproof tactical shoes all have different materials, quality, and more that make them the best for some and not so great for others. The main thing to remember when buying waterproof tactical shoes is to find what works and is comfortable for you. Whether that means a higher cut boot or a lower cut boot or a different material than Gore-Tex, it's really just what is most comfortable for you and your mission.

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