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With a lot of different sports sunglasses available on the market, you’re probably wondering what sets Arnette apart from the pack.  Arnette is most well known for their A.C.E.S glasses, which the user can fully customize to their preferences and specifications with coloring, patterning, materials, and lenses.  But regardless of the style of glasses you choose to go with, all Arnette sunglasses are extremely lightweight while also being constructed out of high quality duty materials to last in rough environments. 


The heart and soul of any pair of sunglasses are the lenses, the lenses of Arnette sunglasses are polarized and made out of polycarbonate that outperform most of the standards that have been set by other quality sunglasses companies.  The extra layering on the lenses also gives your eyes extra protection against the glare from a glacier, the water, or a mirror.   


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