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Cole Fackler, of Seal Team 10 with 17 years of Navy Seal experience, and DJ Shipley, also from Seal Team 10, came together in 2019 to create a veteran-owned, tier 1 training and services organization to pass on their critical skills and real-world experiences.

The GBRS Group works with end-users, military, federal, state, and local special operations units to increase training excellence that only real-world experience can provide. The GBRS group offers a wide range of expertise and learning, such as tactical training, product development, TTP testing and development, equipment evaluation, equipment procurement, and much more.

Some of the elite training courses that the group offers include maritime operations, explosive breaching UMOE, active shooter response, physical security assessment, CQB assault training, night vision CQB, and reduced signature operations, for just a small example. Not only are they applying their expertise with training, but the GBRS Group also put their experiences behind designing equipment and gear developed by Tier One Operations and made in the USA.

One of their most popular designs, the Assaulter Belt System, is specifically engineered for Special OPS, Military, LEO, and those that demand and need the most out of their equipment. When it comes to honoring and recognizing our hard-working veterans, the exceptional quality products, and the effort they give to the community, Tactical is humble and proud to partner with the GBRS group to provide our customers with these fantastic products.

At Tactical Distributors, we are constantly seeking to stock our inventory with the best, most reliable products from today's highly trusted brands from around the US and globe. Our commitment to customer service and excellence in all we do has never waivered for over 15 years. We've become one of the top destinations for the most extensive tactical gear and apparel online today, and it could not have happened without you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products does the GBRS Group offer?
The GBRS Group offers a range of high-quality tactical gear and apparel that is designed for military and law enforcement personnel. Their products include plate carriers, chest rigs, backpacks, and accessories like pouches and holsters.

Are GBRS Group products made in the USA?
Yes, the GBRS Group takes pride in offering products that are made in the USA using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures that their products are durable and dependable in a variety of real-world situations.

Does the GBRS Group offer support to military and law enforcement agencies?
Yes, the GBRS Group offers support to military and law enforcement agencies by providing training, consulting, and product support services. The company has a team of experts with extensive experience in working with these agencies and is committed to providing them with the support they need to succeed in their missions.