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When it comes to working in the line of duty, you need apparel and accessories that live up to the high standards you set for yourself. With Patrol Incident Gear products, rest assured the quality and values match line up with your expectations. With an emphasis on quality construction and innovative designs, tactical Patrol Incident Gear products are made in America with the tactical professional in mind.

We are pleased to offer an array of Patrol Incident Gear options for your next day on the job. One of their most popular items is their high-performing PIG tactical gloves. Our selection of gloves from this leader in the industry covers a range of needs. Gloves are made from durable materials that allow for the best of both protection and movability. The fingers feature fold-over construction to eliminate discomfort and improve dexterity. They also feature other thoughtful elements such as full-screen compatibility on both forefinger and thumb, silicone printed palms and single layer palm for tactical sensitivity for improved grip, and more. Made to keep as little material as possible between your hand and your firearm, these tactical Patrol Incident Gear products understand the fine balance between protection for your hand and the need to still have dexterity. From the padded knuckles to the wrap over finger tips, these gloves are a must-have for any tactical professional. In addition to their impressive performance and durability, they are lightweight to avoid weighing you down and breathable to avoid sweaty palms. We offer these innovative gloves in a variety of colors ideal for both LEO and military professionals. Choose from options designed to work with a range of uniform colors and fatigues. Whether you need a full dexterity glove or a long-lasting utility glove, this brand offers dependable products made with your needs in mind. Some of our most popular options are the PIG Delta Utility Glove, PIG Alpha Glove Gen 2, and the PIG Bravo FR Gloves, which are fire resistant.

At Tactical Distributors, we offer one of the largest inventories of the industry’s best brands for all your tactical needs. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have on this or any of the brands we proudly offer.