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When in a tactical situation of any sort, you need to be able to rely on your gear to get you through tough scenarios. One of the areas that can lead to a disaster is an inability to see what’s coming at you. This is where Surefire tactical lights come in. Among the most durable weapon mounted duty flashlights available, Surefire have been used in all kinds of combat and tactical scenarios by military and special forces units alike in many different countries across the world. In addition to their famous weapon mounted lights, Surefire tactical products also include tactical knives, firearm suppressors, Picatinny rails, and other accessories for each of these products. Last but certainly not least, Surefire has also introduced their STANAG magazine, which increases the capacity of an AR-15 to sixty to one hundred rounds.

Having a light attached to your defensive firearm gives you an immediate tactical advantage since you don’t have one hand holding your firearm and the other tied up holding your flashlight. This can make clearing stoppages or reloading your weapon a much slower process than they should be. If you’ve been concerned that this may be a problem for you, then Surefire is the definite solution.

We are pleased to offer some of the best products for your tactical needs. From noise reduction ear pieces to block out ambient sounds to specialized batteries for use in these tactical lighting solutions, find everything you need for this area of gear in one place. All of the products are made with the best in durable materials and designs such as the latest in LED technology, waterproof O-rings, shatter proof windows with polycarbonate lens, and much more. Whether looking for a handheld light or one to attach to your firearm for added visibility, these solutions offer superior performance designed with your rugged needs in mind.

At Tactical Distributors, we are your source for a diverse range of tactical gear and apparel from the top names in the world. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to help.