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The loss of hearing throughout life occurs naturally, but that doesn’t mean you have to just accept it. As a company focused on reducing hearing loss by means of protecting hearing from impact in professional and tactical settings, Howard Leight has spent the last 30 years manufacturing new technologies to keep hearing intact in a range of settings and scenarios. With Howard Leight tactical gear, you will find a range of choices to help protect yourself at the range, while out hunting, or at any event where hearing loss is a concern.

We are pleased to offer several options from this respected brand for your hearing protection needs. One of the easiest ways to protect your hearing is with the affordable and effective solution of ear plugs. Choose from several options for this essential with our collection from Howard Leight. While many people choose ear plugs because they are such an affordable solution, this brand offers superior protection in this simple choice. With sound blocking of up to 33 decibels, these polyurethane foam plugs are contoured in a T shape to make them easy to place and comfortable to wear while offering superior protection. We sell this essential item in value packs, as well as with carrying case included in select options, to help you get an affordable solution. We also offer higher grade ear protection offering safeguarding against up to 82 decibels in the form of headphone ear protection. This option offers a higher level of hearing loss prevention while having added features perfect for both the outdoor and indoor range. With foldable construction to save space, as well as ports for your cell phone or a scanner, these versatile options allow you to block out higher decibels of sound while still picking up conversations and instructions from around you. Best of all, they are battery operated and water resistant for added convenience you can take anywhere. With our selection of Howard Leight tactical gear, find the right protection for your needs and lifestyle today.