Group picture of TD Staff in front of King Neptune statue at Virginia Beach oceanfront.
Tactical Distributors is a premium online tactical gear store. Curating a unique selection of products, equipping our customer with mission & lifestyle relevant top-tier brands, gear & a memorable experience. Despite our misleading name we are not a distributor or a brick & mortar store at this time. 
We set ourselves apart with our three house direct-to-consumer brands that serve innovative, forward thinking designs each season. Cutting the middleman, we deliver quality with an anti-flinch price tag. They are exclusively designed & sold by us in Virginia Beach, VA, USA!  
TD Apparel is where it all began back in 2012 with a single design. Which has now evolved into a seasoned assortment of garments & accessories with new collections each Spring & Fall. Starting with 2A inspired designs how now lent itself to everyday life, interests & adventures. It is one of our top-selling brands, thanks to our loyal fans who are quick with feedback & openness to try new things. They want to stand out & avoid stereotypes by avoiding basic go-to brands that scream tactical. Smart dressers who want to look good & feel comfortable. Flexibility to perform in an unlimited array of interests & activities. 
Battle Briefs came next, underwear with playful unique prints designed in house. Often themed with camo, patriotic & pop culture references aiming to be funny/punny or just look damn good. It expanded into the Women’s Cheeky cut brief, the perfect gift with his/her matching prints.  Taking note from the undie industry we offer a monthly subscription service. Sign up for our 6/12 month plans & receive a surprise new print at a reduced price. Treat yo’self or loved ones! 
MTHD is the most impressive & ambitious project thus far. The letters stand for the elements: Mountain, Tundra, H2o & Desert. Intended to provide high-end technical 5 level layering system, built to take on any terrain. Aims to compete with the “Gucci” brands by matching the quality & details but set apart by the highly competitive pricing. Consisting of thoughtful clean lines & modern designs. Made of a mix of premium & globally conscious materials including trusted names in the outdoor space, like PolarTec, Codura & Merino Wool. MTHD prides itself on mindfully sourcing fabrics & partners, when possible, by considering the footprint & lessening the impact to protect the elements, it aims to withstand. Early adapters can vouch that MTHD is living in the future. The best kept secret is finding its stride & being wear-tested all over the world by truly the toughest, strong-willed & unwavering spirits we have had the pleasure to kit up. It’s time to scream it from the mountain tops! Slow & steady...stay the course. 
Our small team works hard to stay one-step ahead by collaborating & forecasting the industry climate. Focusing on staple items, the elements and 2A centric themes. Often teaming up with like-minded brands to create new demand amongst our peers. We build anticipation & keep their attention through elusive drops & lottos. Carving out our trench in the industry by drawing from our streetwear & outdoor backgrounds for inspiration. 
We work hard to communicate daily with our supporters through email, SMS, IG Live, DMs, live chat & phone. Always open & accessible from design inception to your doorstep. It’s all in the details. Our beloved signature toy army men that accompany each order, even the kids are excited to open a TD box! We uphold our foundation & continue to build by living up to our day 1 key mantra... 
 TD: The Best Customer Service in the Business! 
FUN FACT: TD Logo Origin 
The horse heads are the knight pieces from Chess, the game in which tactical strategy is pertinent to win. They are facing outward to form the shape of the letter "T".  Their names are Tango & Delta. 
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