Tactical Distributors, LLC

641 Phoenix Drive 
Virginia Beach VA, 23452

United States

Phone: 1.866.916.6905
Fax: 1.757.416.5222
Email: [email protected]

Developed in 2006, Tactical Distributors LLC began as a specialized distributor of high end tactical equipment for such vendors as London Bridge Trading, Arc'teryx, and Kuhl. Through years of dedication and development, the company has grown and has recently begun to expand into the retail market due to popular demand. While only elite manufacturers are featured on this website, Tactical Distributors remains virtually limitless in the products and services they can provide to dealers.

Even with a foundation based on retail distribution, customer service has remained a top priority of Tactical Distributors. Much of this is reflected in all of our retail transactions, and through the feedback of customers. All of Tactical Distributors partnerships with manufacturers are designed to reflect commitment to the manufacturing and development of quality products and services. The Tactical Distributors website is designed to reflect this commitment through exclusive products that are not available through other distributors. Some distinctive features of this site include products from Arc'teryx, Under Armour, Benchmade, Surefire, Pelican, EOTech, G-Shock, and many more.

Tactical Distributors remains focused on making the ordering of products as simple and reliable as possible, through our express checkout for retail customers.

Mission Statement- Tactical Distributors is dedicated to providing unparalleled tactical product availability and customer service to purchasers and representatives of the men and women who work to keep America safe, while continuing profit growth and development in an ever changing market.

Values Statement- At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to the highest ethical standards of retail sales and delivery of products. We remain responsible and responsive to customers through all stages of business transactions, and maintain our values of dependability even after the completion of sales.

FUN FACT: TD Logo Origin

The horse heads are the knight pieces from Chess, the game in which tactical strategy is pertinent to win. They are facing outward to form the shape of the letter "T".  Their names are Tango & Delta.