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You need a backpack that has to be as tough as the environments you use them in. You are always on the lookout for the most reliable materials with multi-functional storage and transport options. Whether it holds your tactical gear, your weekend equipment when tackling the hardest trails, or traveling quick and light—you need rugged, comfortable, and effective. You need the Bravo Company.

In the spring of 2013, Atiba Jefferson, Berto Leighty, and Rian Pozzebon faced extremely challenging jobs that required extensive travel constantly. They were unfortunately completely uninspired by the offerings of backpacks at that time and set out to change that for the better. The Bravo Company was born to fill that much-needed niche.

Today, as well as designing seasonal bags, Bravo Company has extended its design for all manner of uses, needs, and custom collections to suit any extremes of travel. Aspects of design that set the Bravo Company apart are their meticulous attention to details that other backpack companies may not consider. Load-bearing shoulder strap adjustments, chest straps, base compression strap systems, MOLLE mount extensions or MOLLE strapping systems, or run-and-gun storage systems just for a small example.

Bravo Company bags are designed to excel in harsh conditions, whether recreational or operational. Gearing up for the next camping and hunting trip? Or do you need the most resilient tactical bag for extended travel? The Bravo Company will have you covered with their heavy-duty, premium quality constructed bags.

Here you'll discover these precision-engineered Bravo Company bags that will be just what you need. Find the range bag you deserve, the communication and essentials storage perfect for your pack, or the waist and shoulder bag that will outperform them all.

At Tactical Distributors, we are proud of our dedication to partner with and offer the top-tier brands and tactical items found on the market today. We've made it our mission for more than a decade to offer one of the largest selections of elite gear in the largest variety since the beginning. The Bravo Company creates some of the most outstanding packs for travel, whether in uniform or out of it. Questions about these premium bags? Contact our expert support team anytime. It would be our pleasure to find the right pack for you.