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Some items are so universal and widely used that they take on several names. For example, a balaclava also goes by ski mask and monkey cap, depending on the use and country. This essential item for many tactical professionals, as well as outdoorsmen, athletes, firefighters, and others, has made new advancements over the years. What began as simply a way to keep warm, has since been molded into fire resistant options, a solution for hunters and tactical situations to aid in camouflage in various locations, and other advancements that make this item a must-have.

We offer a selection of tactical balaclava options that can be used for your next mission or outdoor adventure. With a focus on delivering only the best brands in the business, choose from trusted names like Arc'teryx, Sitka, XGO, and Drifire. All the balaclava options we offer feature the best in quality manufacturing and long-lasting endurance for a product you can depend on for years. Many of the tactical balaclava products are helmet compatible and are foldable so you can adjust them as needed. Our selection of cold wear options features fleece lining to keep you warm, and specialized mesh mouth areas for improved breathability, as well as designs to eliminate wind and sleet exposure to the forehead and face. They are snug, but not suffocating with stretch material so your movement never feels restricted by your head wear. They are made to be lightweight and comfortable to wear so you won’t experience any friction or discomfort. We also offer flame resistant options for added safety. Choose from a variety of standard issue colors in earth tones and muted shades to match with your uniform seamlessly. Whether you need this item for hunting, skiing, or tactical needs, we have the high-quality options you want.

At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to providing our valued customer with the top brands for dependable performance across the board. If you have any questions while exploring our expansive collection, please contact us for further assistance.