#StayTactical with Tactical Distributors

You like to work hard and play hard. Whether you are working in the line of duty, out on a mission, or scaling a mountain just for kicks, we have you covered with all the gear you need for any adventurous day in the life.

We offer one of the most diverse selections from all the top brands on the market. From obvious favorites like Arc'teryx, Adidas, Oakley, and Darn Tough to harder to find brands specializing in more niche products such as Battle Briefs, we believe in bringing you a wide range of trusted brands tailored to your unique lifestyle and attitude.

Gear needs to be practical, durable, and helpful. With our inventory, you can get all of that and more. Whether a professional serving in an Armed Forces or LEO role or an outdoor enthusiast ready for your next adventure, we have the best names in the industry for equipment you can trust.

Our wide selection of equipment and accessories offers something for every imaginable need. We offer the most trusted names in apparel and footwear designed to handle the most rugged terrains with absolute ease and comfort. Choose from an array of durable and stylish options, including pants, jackets, headwear, gloves, boots, and more. We also offer a variety of sturdy bags and packs designed for both professional and personal use.

Aside from the necessities of clothing, our selection of high-end equipment features other essentials, such as first aid kits, hydration systems, holsters, knives, lighting needs, and more. We carry items to accommodate a wide range of weapon types, personal preferences, and budgets to ensure you always get exactly what works best for you. No matter what type of tool or gear you need, we have you covered!

Here are a few of the most popular areas/product types we offer:

Apparel: The right apparel can make or break the day. Whether you are hiking in the mountains on a snowy day, trudging through tough weather conditions on a mission, or just looking for apparel for a great workout with moisture-wicking abilities, we have you covered. Our selection of apparel covers a wide range of needs to ensure the best outcome for any situation. From jackets and base layers to gloves and hats, find the right choice for you with our wide selection of top brands.

Footwear: Footwear is a game-changer when you spend a lot of time on your feet navigating various, sometimes incredibly tough, terrains. The right shoes and boots can make the journey easier. We offer a wide range of options for all needs, including uniform compliant options for military and LEO professionals, as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Whether looking for an option offering extra lining to keep feet warm for a hiking trip or a pair with exceptional traction for uneven terrain, finding the right footwear has never been easier.

EDC: When it comes to everyday carry items, this is one area you never want to skimp on quality. We offer top-rated brands manufacturing products ideal for EDC gear. With options at the ready such as knives, tools, belts, and more, it is easy to implement a few smart solutions in your daily routine.

Bags: The right bag is essential to organization and carrying capacity on the go. From large packs for a mission to waterproof camping bags, we have a range of options to fit any need or trip. Choose from a wide range of types, sizes, and colors to get the right outcome for your individual needs.

Range and Field: This is one of our most popular areas and for good reason. There are lots of important things in this collection to help up the fun of your lifestyle. For example, we offer a complete range of items such as targets for training, the latest holsters and belts, eye protection, the best gloves made specifically with shooting in mind, and so much more. From ear covers to magazines, we have all the must-have gear you need to practice your shooting skills.

First Aid: The right first aid items could be the difference between life and death in some scenarios. This is why you need a diverse range of options and kit types to meet your needs without worry. From options tailored for on the job needs to items for camping or outdoor-related injuries, our selection of first aid gear has something for everyone. Whether you prefer to make your own kit with selected items tailored to your preferences, or you just want more of a grab and go kit already assembled, we have a range of options here to ensure a safer journey no matter where life leads you.

Plate Carriers/Plates: As a military professional, this is one of the most important elements of gear for the job. We offer a wide range of options to outfit you in the safest options on the market. Ruggedly tested and manufactured by top companies known for their commitment to safety, these plates and plate carriers are a must-have for the field. We offer a range of uniform compliant options to keep you safe on your next mission.

Morale Patches: Just because the job is tough, doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. We offer a complete collection of morale patches covering everything from your role to options made just to bring tongue in cheek humor to a tough job. Add something extra to your uniform with these patches at the ready.

All of the products we offer have been made with professional-grade levels of performance and quality to match the needs of military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Our goal is to bring you only the finest options in gear to ensure complete satisfaction with every purchase.

We are committed to providing a better online shopping experience for our valued customers. With over 10 years of experience, our staff is knowledgeable about all things field related. We feature an expansive inventory of high-quality, high-performing items all at an affordable price for solutions you can trust with your life. Our team of friendly representatives would be happy to assist you in choosing the right option for your needs today. Aside from questions about individual products, we are also happy to answer any questions regarding our group orders. This is a great way to get extra value on the products you already know and love. Make every day an adventure with these exceptional products!

Factors to Consider

There are a few important factors to consider when shopping for any type of gear.

Materials: The type of material is important when shopping for gear for a few reasons. For starters, the right material can offer certain features you seek in an item, such as moisture-wicking or waterproof materials. The material can also be a key factor in the longevity and durability of the product. A final reason to consider the material carefully is the ease of care. You want options that are easy enough to care for in terms of washing, drying, or other general upkeep so always check the care of the material. The matter of material matters for all sorts of purchases from holsters to jackets and bags.

Warranty: When you choose gear, you want options made to last for years of reliable use. A great way to back this up is with a warranty from the manufacturer. Several of the products we offer come with a warranty direct from the manufacturer for added peace of mind so this is something to consider when shopping with us.

Comfort: Another matter to consider when shopping is the aspect of comfort. Comfort is about more than just the softness of the material. Comfort is also the way an item feels when you use it or the overall fit when it comes to apparel. You want options made with certain elements of comfort to ensure an item you will actually want to use/wear for years to come.

Ease of use: From the way a holster snaps shut to the ease of zipping shut your range bag, the matter of ease of use can manifest in many ways but it always means the same thing. The ease of use of an item is how easy it is to use it the way the manufacturer intended. You want products that will add to your routine or job while being as easy to use as possible to avoid hassle.