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Few other camouflage patterns are perfect for various environments and conditions that can provide maximum effectiveness and minimum logistical burden. One company, however, not only lives up to this concept but has outperformed time and time again.

MultiCam® patterns all have distinctive roles designed to work as a system to meet the needs of almost every operating environment encountered, all while assisting the wearer to do so with the least amount of heavy kit to carry possible. For the user who needs more system-level options, such as a chest rig paired with a uniform or a vest and packs paired with a uniform, the MultiCam® system is to go-to worldwide.

Providing combat-proven solutions for concealment when you need to operate in widely varied and mixed terrain, MultiCam® was created to provide a much-needed, high-quality solution. This is the ideal camouflage for everyone from civilian to special operations units, U.S. Army, LEO, U.K. Armed Forced, and more. Variants of MultiCam® can reduce the visual and near-IR signature of persons operating in different environments and can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to meet and exceed any operational requirement. Over the years, MultiCam® have created some of the most-trusted patterns used today, such as:

• MultiCam®: The original and combat-proven pattern that offers the broadest range of environmental effectiveness is ideally suited for apparel and gear that must be employed for mixed or varied environments.

• MultiCam Arid™: The pattern for open sand and rock, ideal for bright, open desert terrain.

• MultiCam Tropic™: The pattern for deep, verdant jungle use.

• MultiCam Alpine™: The ideal patterns suited for snow-covered areas, over-garments, and gear covers.

• MultiCam Black™: Created for Law Enforcement groups to project a robust and distinct image and compliment a wide range of existing armor and gear colors.

When it comes to excellence, from concept to design to finished product, Tactical Distributors will always go above and beyond to ensure our family can get the gear they need at affordable, competitive prices. Quality is essential in everything we do, from who we partner with to our products to our customer service. Have questions about our MultiCam® products or questions about any of our inventory? Please reach out to us and contact us at any time. Our dedicated customer service representatives are standing by to get you the perfect gear for you.

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