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Finding the right tactical gear and accessories requires choosing a company you can trust. When you need high-quality products to meet your high standards, Magpul is an obvious choice for several reasons. They are one of the largest American manufacturers of composite and polymer accessories for firearms. Formerly based out of Colorado and now operating in Wyoming and Texas (due to Colorado's restrictive gun laws that have recently gone into effect), they first became famous for their STANAG magazines, which the U.S military and other NATO militaries started using for aid in pulling out their magazines from pouches or for pulling a stuck magazine out of the rifle. This is actually how Magpul gained their name since the magazines were being pulled out of the pouches. They continue to make these kinds of accessories, in addition to furniture and enhancements on AR and AK type rifles, as part of their impressive line of Magpul tactical gear. Many of the AR and AK rifles that you see for sale may already have Magpul furniture on them, such as in the grips or stocks.

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