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It doesn't matter if it's your ruck or your steel pot. You know how to spot the best. Your gear has come from some of the most trusted names in the business, known for outstanding reliability extreme durability in the face of any terrain or mission you've pulled through. And while you know you have the top-tier equipment, what if there was something that could make it even more advanced?

AXL Advanced designs create and manufacture some of the highest performing upgrades and improvements for the most innovative tactical equipment made today. Made right here in the U.S.A, they've managed to take the most respected brands and make them even better. Brands like Crye Precision®, FirstSpear®, Velocity Systems, Mayflower, S&S Precision, Ferro Concepts, LBT (London Bridge Traders), Eagle Industries, and more can all be enhanced by AXL gear.

AXL provides a massive range of expansions to various essential LE, MOLLE, and tactical gear toolkits that are a must-have for those who want their gear to perform on an entirely new level. Introducing more modern spacing and designs with meticulous thought behind every product to ensure that they hold fast, stay rugged, and fight many of the more minor issues—such as slop and bagginess with use. Cutting-edge technology such as clever attachment methods are used to mitigate the risk of essential equipment being ripped off in extreme conditions. Peel tabs for panel removal create tactical kits that become practically invisible yet crucial to plate carriers and chest rig optimizations. The design of one of the best Fire battle/MOLLE belts found anywhere today is just a small example of what this fantastic brand is known for.

With a reputation for being a company that takes the top-of-the-line gear and pushes them to be superior, it is no wonder that we at Tactical Distributors would partner with them. We proudly and humbly present our exclusive AXL Advanced collection to our customers as part of our ongoing commitment to only providing products that meet and exceed our standards of highest-quality items.

Do you have any questions about our AXL Advanced items? Please feel free to reach out and contact us anytime. Our expert customer service team is happy to assist you with anything you need.