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When you want tactical eyewear or sunglasses that offer the best protection for your eyes, there's no question that Heat Wave is the brand for you! Protecting your eyes from UV in style, while giving you crystal clear vision when the sun or its reflection is unforgiving.

Like TD, Heat Wave Visual is dedicated to the consistently high quality of every product. They put in two long years of design, research, and testing of their Future Tech line to ensure no compromises were made in these cool tactical sunglasses.

Heat Wave Visual is dedicated to providing original looks and customizable sunglasses on a never-before-seen level. This brand continues to make groundbreaking innovations in eyewear for style and eye safety. TD is proud to partner with a revolutionary eyewear company to bring our customers the best of the best!
What are some of the features of Heat Wave Visual sunglasses?
• Lightweight, flexible fit
• Push lock lens attachment system for easying lens swapping - no tools required
• Composite sub-frames
• Custom stainless steel hardware
• Shatter-resistant, ANSI Z.87 Mass Impact safety rated
• UVA/UVB protection
• High heat and chemical resistance
• Replaceable full coverage lens shields with seamless lock and support system
• Swappable nose pieces
• Microfiber bag included
Industry-leading Thermo-plastic materials give Lazer Face and Future Tech lines their incredibly lightweight, flexible fit with increased resistance to high heat and chemicals.

Heat Wave Visual created customizable eyewear to ensure you get the design that suits your look! To know which of our Heat Wave models are customizable, click on a pair you love and check out the description with more details about each pair of Heat Wave tactical sunglasses.

Why bother with premium eyewear?  Heat Wave Visual knows that you protect your vision in a style unique to you. With a wide range of visual sunglasses and eyewear that gives you the most bang for your buck no matter the  conditions, there's a pair for everyone and every occasion.

Are you interested in learning more about Heat Wave products or tactical sunglasses? Would you like to ask us a question? Please feel free to contact our TD expert customer service at any time! We're here to help and we guarantee you can find the best in tactical gear from TD.