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They call them the shoes everyone's wearing—again. Yet, this game-changing footwear brand never truly went out of style, and for a good reason. Known originally as the shoes for skaters and quickly becoming famous for their quality, durability, and exceptional comfort, Vans has become a brand of footwear known worldwide.

While the descriptor "iconic" is thrown around today rather generously, the title is deserving and more when it comes to Vans. This OG sneaker remains on top thanks to eye-catching style, wearability with any kit, and comfort in every shoe they make. Dress them up, wear them casually, wear them doing anything and everything, and your Vans will look right every time.

And for those who wished to wear their Vans no matter the weather, there's fantastic news. Tactical is proud to unveil the All-Weather MTE collection within our selection of genuine Vans. MTE 360™ technology within each MTE shoe now enhances heat retention around your foot, improves moisture management, and can be worn in all-weather all the time!

Look for the MTE footwear for premium, water-resistant leather and suede uppers, warm linings, and a durable, rugged outsole that provides the advanced traction needed for cold-weather footing.

When it comes to a shoe that has resonated throughout every culture from every corner of the world, few can compare. Whether you're looking for tried and true vintage and retro designs, or the trusted quality of Vans and the extreme toughness of Gore-Tex for an all-weather shoe that won't let you down, we've got what you'll love!

The clothing, apparel, and gear you wear matter, which is why we constantly seek out the best of the best to offer to our customers. Whether you're in training, into extreme sports, on a mission, or looking for the best all-weather shoes to tackle any season, we've got you covered.

Do you have any questions about our collection of Vans? Reach out to us at Tactical at any time. Our team of expert customer service representatives would love to help you find the ultimate pair of Vans perfect for your needs.

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