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When choosing a product for your next mission or adventure, you want options that are tried and true. Known for their commitment to excellence, all of Darn Tough’s products are thoroughly tested in the wilderness of Vermont before being put out there on the market. The products are none other than all-weather performance socks, which can be used for everything from hiking to biking to running to skiing and for use during tactical missions. In the outdoor elements, a good pair of socks is an absolute necessity, and there are multiple reasons why Darn Tough Vermont socks should be one of your first choices.

Made with high-quality wool and the finest of techniques, Darn Tough Vermont socks make use of higher densities in the knitting to make the socks far more durable than most of their competitors on the market. The wool found in many of their designs is cultivated from Merino sheep. Merino wool is one of the softest and most durable options available. It also has a high warmth-to-weight ratio and antibacterial properties for feet that are warm and free from sweaty odors. They also use a unique technology called Coolmax that not only makes the socks super cushiony but also allows them to better manage any moisture that they gather. Finally, the stretchy arch support found in Darn Tough Vermont Merino wool socks will ensure that these socks last you well for many years. For feet that are comfortable, dry, and supported, trust your feet to Darn Tough Vermont socks.

We offer several variations of their reliable socks to choose from. Select from popular styles such as no show, crew, mid-calf, and more to find the right style for your needs. These dependable socks are available in a range of muted, earth tone colors, as well as standard black or white, to accommodate a range of uniforms and preferences. In fact, this brand of Merino wool socks is the number one supplier to the United States military. We carry several options from Darn Tough that are officially certified and specifically designed for the Army and Marines. Whether preparing for your next mission or next outdoor adventure, these trusted Merino wool socks from Darn Tough are hard to beat.

Darn Tough Frequently Asked Questions

Are Darn Tough socks worth it?

In our opinion, Darn Tough Vermont socks are worth it. Merino wool gives Darn Tough Vermont socks the ability to remain fresh longer and hold excellent thermal properties both warm and cold. They are precisely constructed (1441 stitches per inch!) for a premium soft feel and touch and go to the extreme in the case of durability.

How long do Darn Tough socks last?

Darn Tough Vermont socks last for a lifetime, they are guaranteed.

Do Darn Tough socks have a lifetime warranty?

Darn Tough Vermont socks do have a lifetime warranty. It is as simple as returning a pair should the worst happen with no strings and no conditions for another pair.