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Since 1947, Salomon has been manufacturing high-quality footwear to accompany you on all your sports and outdoor endeavors. Our selection of Salomon tactical boots includes the most durable products to keep you safe and comfortable in the most intensely demanding settings. If you’re looking for boots that offer elite support while being able to withstand rough terrain and weather, the Salomon Forces collection has something for you!

Each pair of boots is designed with your needs in mind. The durable leather and anti-debris mesh materials enhance longevity and durability without compromising comfort. The importance of proper boots cannot be understated. Whether you’re climbing, hiking, running, or working, the protection and support of the feet that keep you moving are essential so you can focus on your mission.

We offer a wide array of styles for tactical boots by Salomon. The innovative Forces Footwear lineup comprises boots used in actual military and tactical settings across the globe. All of the Salomon Forces tactical boots boast high-quality features to enhance their performance and durability. The superior cushioning and motion control, along with each boot’s tailored fit, emphasize the importance of comfort so you can keep moving despite a harsh environment. Salomon tactical boots are also equipped with unique safety features that protect your feet regardless of the terrain. Many boots include a protective toecap and mudguard, puncture-resistant sole, and closed hooks, reducing the risk of snags in tactical situations.

The lightweight comfort combined with heavy-duty durability in every pair of boots is designed to exceed expectations and outperform any other brand. If you’re braving icy terrain, keep your feet warm and dry with enhanced insulation and superior traction on slick surfaces. If your mission requires discretion, these boots are non-reflective and come in an array of black and neutral colors to match any uniform and camouflage into the environment.

From mid boots to combat boots, our inventory of Quest and Forces models by Salomon ensures that there’s something for everyone. The unrefuted excellence and high performance of Salomon tactical boots allow you to confidently step into your next adventure. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us, and we will be glad to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Salomon a Good Brand?

The brand Salomon was born out of a desire to help people spend more time outside exploring all that the world has to offer. Their focus is challenging people to "Find Time to Play" in our busy lives. However, they also have implemented a sustainability program that they have a goal of completing by 2025. They use the RSL (Restricted Substance List) to control and monitor substances used in their products. They are a bluesign system partner and have been since 2013 to help ensure they are eliminating harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process. Sustainable packaging guidelines have been implemented for all products. They also have identified areas of improvement to work towards over the next couple of years.

Where is Salomon Brand From?

Salomon brand was started in 1947 in Annecy. The brand started from a small Salomon family wood saws and ski edges workshop. Less than 20 years later, their bindings were present for the first time at the Olympic Games in Chile.

Does Adidas Own Salomon?

Amer Sports Corporation bought Salomon in 2005, along with several other sports and tactical companies during the acquisition.