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When looking for the right choice for your needs, you need a manufacturer with an innovative spirit and a commitment to excellence. With MultiTasker tactical products rest assured that every option meets the highest of standards. As a leader in the industry, MultiTasker produces Mag Pods and tools that are now available on Tactical Distributors. There are very few other products that can rival their accessories and equipment built to last on AR style rifles. The tools that are built by this trusted company may be mass produced, but they are all built using the top in their class materials and efficient production methods to keep them ahead of their competition. One example of this would be how they use CNC machine skills to make all of the major components in their accessories. Each of their accessories also has an anti-rust treatment and an anti-slip surface to provide the most maintenance free and effective system available. Many professionals in the military and law enforcement who use multi-tools and AR accessories are quickly turning to MultiTasker as their primary source of these tools.

We are pleased to bring you a selection of products from MultiTasker. These products are made with the high level of quality you expect from this brand. Made from durable materials with thoughtful elements such as PVD coated blade, G10 scales for a secure grip, bigger frame for extra support and more torsional strength. These tools are made for easy carrying with such features as pocket clips, so you can make it part of your kit without worry. Many of these tools have manual features to make them useful for a range of applications. With options featuring pliers, screwdrivers, small knives, and bottle openers all in one, you get the best in options for fine tuning your weapon or whatever you need to use the tool for on your mission. Choose from options with various picks as precise as a dental pick for cleaning and fine tuning as you go. These options offer the most commonly used 10 hex bits on AR accessories, so you can be ready for whatever life throws your way. They are also made to be lightweight, weighing at less than 2 ounces. Add a MultiTasker tactical tool to your kit today!

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