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**Please Contact Us If You Would Like To Special Order Berry Compliant, LBT.** 1.866.916.6905

Plate carriers, tactical vests, backpacks, you name it.  LBT (London Bridge Training) offers it all.  But unlike a few other products, LBT will also sometimes offer custom made products that are made to the specifications of the customers.  While these custom orders will typically only be reserved for big orders so that the cost of the materials and labor put into the products will be less than the amount of profit made from the number of products ordered.  Also unlike many other tactical gear companies, LBT won’t always add labels to their products, as an option for their customers who would prefer to use tactical gear that doesn’t have any identification tags on it.  Finally, LBT also fully stands by the gear that they product, include a lifetime guarantee that they will repair each product if it is ever damaged. 

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