moral patch on uniform

Morale patches or uniform patches have a long history, especially in the armed forces, dating back to World War II. As the name suggests, they were created to boost morale. These patches often feature jokes, insults, and generally humorous content to help bring levity to otherwise serious situations.

Today, tactical morale patches are designed in a couple of styles that can be easily removed from clothing and gear if the wearer needs to appear more professional. Patches come in two different styles: embroidered stitching or PVC. Embroidered stitching offers the classic look and is the type most often used by the military, but PVC patches are more durable and have a much longer lifespan than their embroidered counterparts. Tactical patches typically have Velcro hooks on the back to make removing or changing them quick and easy. They can sometimes be found with pins or buttons, but the original design was made with Velcro for quick removal.

Hat, shoulder, morale, and uniform patches are often collected as mementos, souvenirs, and symbols of past experiences. So, they must be properly maintained to ensure they last a long time. Here is a guide to cleaning and storing your morale patches:

How to Wash Morale Patches

When it comes to maintaining your morale patches, the best thing you can do for them is to keep them clean. Keeping the embroidery fibers free of stains and harsh chemicals will help maintain their color and quality for much longer. Making sure that PVC patches are free from dirt, debris, and stains will also keep the material flexible and ultimately last longer. Here are a few tips on how to wash your patches:
• When cleaning your patches, always make sure that you are hand-washing them.
• Use your fingers or a small cleaning sponge to massage detergent into the patch, which will help lift stains and debris.
• For embroidered patches, use cold water, gentle detergent, and a soft toothbrush to gently scrub at the fibers. For a PVC patch, use the same method, but you can be a little more aggressive.
• If you find dirt or buildup stuck between patch sections, use a toothpick to scrape it out.
• Never, ever machine-wash your patches, as the Velcro hooks will likely cause damage to other clothing or other patches that are in the machine at the same time.

Once your patches are clean, rinse them thoroughly with cold water, pat them dry with a paper towel, and then leave them out to air dry. Do not put your patches in a drying machine, as the heat of the dryer can damage the fibers and PVC elements of the patches (and the Velcro hooks may still cause damage). The air-drying process will be relatively quick for PVC patches, but it could take up to 24 hours for embroidered patches to dry fully.

Never store your patches while they are still damp. This can cause mold and mildew to grow on the embroidered fibers, ultimately discoloring them. After patches have been washed and dried, it is important to have an organized way to store each patch individually so it is protected and well-maintained.

Storing Morale Patches

Again, if the hook side of a patch comes into contact with the embroidered side of another patch, it will cause damage. So, the best way to store your morale patches is to keep them apart from each other. A great way to do this is to attach them to a soft piece of fabric like fleece or flannel. The hooks on the back side of the patches will attach themselves to the fabric, keeping them safe from damaging other patches. Using this method, you can safely store your patches in any box or drawer.

One way to store your patches more aesthetically is to display them on your wall. There are dozens of display options available all over the internet, from less expensive hanging mats to large, framed display cases. You can even make your own display by covering a picture frame or a corkboard in soft fabric, creating your own DIY display frame. By hanging them on the wall, you can keep your patches safe in storage while still being able to display them proudly.

Another element to keep in mind when storing or displaying your patches is to keep them away from sunlight. While morale patches will be exposed to sunlight while being worn, you want to reduce the amount of sunlight that they are exposed to during storage. This will help to prolong the lifespan of the patches. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays will begin to dull the thread colors on an embroidered patch, and it may also cause the elements of a PVC patch to become dry and brittle, and start to break off or crumble over time. Your best bet to prevent this is to store the patches away from sunlight when not in use.

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