There’s nothing like a good hike in the great outdoors. The best part is, hiking is truly an all-weather activity. Hiking can be a wonderful way to take in some of the beauty that nature has to offer, but it’s important that if you choose to take on this activity, that you are dressed properly. This is big for all hikers, as proper clothing is not only necessary for comfort, but for health as well. With that said, knowing how to choose good hiking pants for each season is of the utmost importance before you head out and hit a trail.


Spring is one of the best times for hiking, the snow has melted or is melting, and you are getting to see nature have its rebirth after the colder weather. You’ll see beautiful blooms among other things, and probably plenty of birds, depending on where you hike. With that said though, you’ll still want to wear long pants for your springtime hikes. The downside to spring is that the weather can turn on you, and while it may warm up a bit in the afternoon, the morning and evening are likely to be cold, and you don’t want your legs exposed if the weather turns chilly. You’ll also want to avoid tighter pants, as hiking requires lots of movement, and you don’t want to feel restricted. You’ll also need sturdy pants, something made of a sturdy material that is not easily torn by branches, and will also be able to protect your skin from exposure to different bugs, animals, and potentially poisonous plants. Look for something protective, water resistant, because spring is definitely a rainy season, but also lightweight, you don’t want to feel weighed down while hiking.



Summer is the best time to wear convertible pants. We mean the ones that zip at the knee and can easily turn into shorts. This really is the best option for hikers, especially if you enjoy hiking in the woods or off trails. When you venture off trails or straight into the woods, you risk exposure to many poisonous plants, bugs, and potentially animals that could scratch or bite. Summer is also the hottest time of the year, so while you will want to wear long pants for the majority of the time, you’ll also want something lightweight, that keeps bugs and branches away, but doesn’t result in you suffering from heat exhaustion or overheating. If there is a clearing or you are hiking in a more desert-like setting, shorts are the better choice, as you won’t have to worry as much about the bugs or branches scratching you as you go. Finally, look for some items that have UPF protection. This way, you won’t have to worry about your bottom half getting too much sun exposure.



Very similar to spring, choosing good hiking pants for fall is all about comfort and warmth. However, you likely won’t need to worry as much about the waterproof or water resistance of the pants. Fall is generally more dry, but it’s also cooler, so you’ll want to make sure that your pants are sturdy, and lined well enough to keep you warm, especially when the weather dips down to the cooler temperatures. A thicker material will work well in this weather, just make sure that you still have a full range of movement. Always be prepared for it to be colder than predicted, and make sure that your pants are up to the task of keeping you warm and protected on your next adventure. Moisture wicking is very important in these pants, that way you can sweat, without feeling chilled later on in your hike.



This is the coldest time for you to be out hiking, but for many, this is the season they enjoy the best. With that in mind, you’ll have several considerations and requirements for this particular batch of hiking pants. Make sure that you are finding waterproof options. In the winter, you can be hiking through snow or sleet, both of which can cause your clothing to really suck up water like a sponge, unless you have the proper pants that are waterproof. You’ll want to make sure that your pants are moisture wicking and breathable. Even in the cold, you may wind up sweating during your hike, which could later lead to feeling more cold, especially if you are not wearing the proper pants. Windproof is exceptionally important for this season, that winter wind can whip right through you and chill you down to the bone. Finally, you’ll want this pair to be insulating to help keep that cold weather from getting to you. Without a heater nearby, the cold will get to you much faster outside, and staying warm is vital to staying healthy and alive.