When you choose to engage in professional work or personal activities that require tactical apparel, you want to make sure your gear is both durable and functional. At TD, where we offer quality tactical brands and apparel, we expect the same level of performance from our tactical pants and belts. We understand the specific ways tactical belts need to be able to support the heavier load of tactical pants, while also making it easy to carry and access equipment. With our wide selection of options, we decided to explore some of the details that different kinds of tactical pants and belts have to offer to better assist you in choosing the right apparel to suit your specific needs.

Tactical Pants

Tac pants must be made to accommodate the carrying of tactical tools and equipment and meet standards like professional appearance and fabric durability. When worn, tactical pants need to serve three primary purposes:
1. To protect the wearer during tactical missions and rugged outings,
2. To allow for easy movement and maneuvering, and
3. To carry all necessary Every Day Carry (EDC) items and tactical equipment.
Fortunately, our tactical pants, jeans, and cores were designed with all of these specifications in mind. The tac pants we offer are sorted into four variations of use: law enforcement, military, concealed carry casual wear, and concealed carry outdoor wear. Each product in our collection is uniquely constructed to suit one of these specific types of tactical use.

Tac Pants for Military and Law Enforcement Professionals

Tactical pants for law enforcement officers must adhere to strict rules of appearance to match the rest of the uniform. This is why they are designed in shades of dark blue and black and are typically constructed out of cotton and polyester fabric blends to allow for breathability, moisture wicking, and allow for easy movement. The waistbands are often padded to add comfort when wearing a heavy holster or tactical belt. As with all tactical pants, the second and most critical requirement is the ability to carry tactical equipment. So, pants made for LEOs are outfitted with reinforced pockets below the waistline as well as on the thighs to accommodate carrying needs.
Pants made for military use are very similar to those made for LEOs. They are made in a wide range of color options, including camouflage, to match the uniform of the day. But in contrast to other tactical pants, these focus more heavily on durability. When in the field, the top priority of tactical gear is to protect the wearer. These pants will feature padded and reinforced knees, waistbands, and added stretch in the joints. Made with high-quality nylon and cotton fabric blends, they are lightweight and breathable. These pants also have the highest number of pockets for carrying gear, with pockets built in around the pelvis and thighs, and sometimes on the calves as well.

Tactical Jeans and Pants for Everyday Wear

Tactical jeans and tac pants have become more mainstream for casual looks and everyday wear. For some, this style is considered 'incognito' concealed carry pants since they are made to look just like your everyday jeans or khakis but have hidden tactical features. They typically have concealed firearm pockets hidden above the back pockets in the rear of the pants. This makes it easier to conceal the extra bulk of a gun underneath an untucked shirt. These pants usually have reinforced seams that withstand heavier wear and tear than your non-tactical pants.

Pants made for outdoor tactical excursions will put more emphasis on the fabric's breathability, moisture-wicking, and waterproofing. The goal is to keep the wearer cool and dry when out in rugged terrain, so the pants are usually lightweight and easy to pack away in rucksacks. They also feature many pockets to hold tactical equipment and EDC. The pockets sewn into the thighs often close with a waterproof zipper to avoid damaging gear when wading through water or laying prone in mud or snow.

Tactical Belts

The functionality and style of tactical belts varies almost as much as pants and other apparel. They can be fitted with quick-release buckles for safety, have rigid inner linings for added structure, and have pouches and concealed pockets for extra storage. The construction of tactical belts holds two main purposes: To withstand the added load of supporting tactical pants and assisting in carrying tactical equipment, tools, and EDC. But the specs of each belt often vary depending on its intended use.

Tactical Belts for Military and Law Enforcement Professionals

Belts made for professional tactical use, like in law enforcement or the military, will be very heavy-duty in their construction. They are made of high-quality materials like polyester or nylon fabric blends and often incorporate special linings for additional structure. They tend to feature extra storage options like pockets, pouches, hooks, and clips. Professional-grade tactical belts can also be made extra-wide to offer lumbar support and are constructed with quick-release buckles for easy egress.

Tactical Belts for Everyday Wear

Belts made for off-duty everyday wear or tactical enthusiasts are not quite as heavy-duty in construction but are still made to support tactical activities. They are made with strong fabric blends or leather strips and feature metal or plastic buckles that are sturdy enough to support the weight of tactical pants. They can also feature additional clips and hooks to increase EDC capacity.

Whatever your needs are for tactical belts and pants, you can be sure that Tactical Distributors has you covered! Our wide range of apparel and gear options can suit any and every tactical need. Browse our wide selection of tactical pants today and find the perfect pair for you. You can also view our tactical belt options and let us know if you have any questions about our apparel, we'd be happy to assist you!