As an every day carrier, one place that you may not feel as comfortable with your firearm is your vehicle. How do you secure it when you need to exit the car to go somewhere that prohibits concealed carry weapons? Don't take the lead of popular film stars who are showed shoving their gun into the glove box or leaving it out in the passenger seat. We hate it break it to you, but this isn't Hollywood! Real life calls for much more precaution and gun safety. There are ideal avenues for properly securing your EDC gun in a vehicle and not so ideal.

Our rule of thumb is to never use your glove box or middle console to store your firearm. Thieves can easily break in to these areas with crowbars, and a stolen gun in your name spells trouble. Even your trunk is vulnerable and shouldn't be used to house your firearm. To avoid this, consider having a concealed compartment installed in your vehicle. These are specifically designed for your car so that it looks like it was a factory-installed facet of the vehicle. Only you would really know that it is a compartment. These are usually opened by a secret button or code. One great brand of these concealed compartments is Conceal-Pro. These guys make some of most inconspicuous boxes we've seen. They're made in a range of sizes, from middle console to vaults. These are not, however, useful when the car is in motion because you could potentially need quick access.

Another option is a locked gun safe box, which would be installed beneath the driver seat. While these are more detectable, the vehicle-mounted box will put up quite the challenge for a thief. Unless they try to steal your vehicle, they won't be able to get your gun safe out. Plus, one of the best aspects of these is that they're cheaper than concealed compartments since they aren't vehicle specific. At the same time, they can be unsightly if you choose to mount it elsewhere in the car.

It is our responsibility to respect gun safety by always going the extra mile to secure it to keep yourself and others safe. If you're in your vehicle, your firearm should be on you at all times. Your gun should only be secured in one of these options if you're exiting the vehicle and need to safely store it. The point of storing an EDC gun in a vehicle is simply to ensure its security and concealment. It is by no means meant to be used while the car is in use unless absolutely, without a doubt necessary.