Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 Base

$ 261.66
Color: Ranger Green

Since 2012, the Ferro Concepts Plate Carrier (FCPC) has been on the forefront of lightweight, adaptable plate carrier design. Born from our obsessive pursuit to improve and engineer solutions and backed by close, continual collaboration with the special operations community. This is the FCPC V5.


Deliberate and precise pattern making to create a contoured framework for increased unity between the body and armor. Carefully designed with simplicity in mind, without sacrificing functionality or features required for the undertaking.


Our 500D Cordura® laminate was created to be able to take serious abuse in real world environments. Purposefully used to replace conventional materials and construction allowing us to save weight and increase durability where it’s needed.

To help address dimensional issues with modern armor options, we integrated Tweave Durastretch® panels to allow for a wider range of armor plate fitment and retention.


Working off our ADAPT philosophy, new and updated features have been added to increase versatility. The new zip-on back panel system, integrated into the rear plate pocket, allows quick and easy swap-out of ADAPT back panels. Laser cut MOLLE rows remain for existing compatible products.

Building upon our pioneered concealed front flap attachment system, the updated front plate pocket contains concealed G-hook attachment points and provides low profile integration of all ADAPT front flaps.

For optimal fit and function the shoulder straps were designed to enable the user to customize the carrier to their preference with strap hardware that can be swapped from side-to-side and to other forms of preferred fastening.

For heightened mission efficiency and situational awareness, the built-in full width admin pocket is accompanied with a laser cut MOLLE panel to integrate modern mobile device platforms (such as ATAK) and associated accessories.

Check this out guys and gals! The size of the carrier has nothing to do with your shirt size but everything to do with the size of your armor plate. When choosing your plate carrier size, you will want to pick it to fit what armor you have. READ THIS to find out more.


SIZE MEDIUM - MEDIUM PLATE (10”x12“x1”) Weight: 15.2 OZ

SIZE LARGE - LARGE PLATE (10.75”x12.75“x1”) Weight: 15.8 OZ


  • Strap hardware can be swapped to desired side
  • Includes 1 mini Cobra buckle
  • Includes 1 welded steel ring
  • Additional strap hardware sold separately
  • Full width chest administration pouch
  • Hidden G-Hook front flaps attachment points for Ferro Concepts front flaps
  • Laser cut laminate MOLLE on chest with Velcro
  • Vertical laser cut slots allows accessory attachment
  • Velcro comm routing loops -Loop Velcro for cummerbund attachment
  • Accommodates multiple plate dimensions with Tweave stretch plate pocket
  • Velcro plate pocket closure


  • Laser cut laminate MOLLE
  • Side zippers for Ferro Concepts Back Panels
  • Velcro cummerbund attachment under cummerbund flap
  • Elastic comm routing loops
  • Accommodates multiple plate dimensions with Tweave stretch plate pocket
  • Velcro plate pocket closure
  • Compatible with all Ferro Concepts plate carrier accessories and components
  • Mission adaptable
  • Made from 500D cordura and 500D Laminate
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry compliant
  • Weight: Medium - 15.2 OZ
  • Weight: Large - 15.8 OZ


*recommend cummerbund for FCPC V5