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The Mag Pod is a floor plate that can be added to either your Generation One or Generation Two PMAG to turn it into a monopod. In other words, your carbine (assuming it accepts AR PMAGs) will become fully balanced. The added benefits of this replacement floor plate is that it makes it much easier to grab a new magazine from your pouch or to remove from your carbine if it becomes stuck. Another benefit of the Mag Pod is that it provides you with an extra grip with which to stable your rifle. The Mag Pod floor plate is sold in a pack of three, so just three or four packs should be enough for your complete set of magazines. You can also use the floor plate for more accurate shooting while leaning against a vehicle, a wall, or while prone on the ground.

Category | Mag Pod: "Information About Mag Pod" "Mag Pod Carries replacement floor plates for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pmags, now available on"

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