In the tactical profession, there are a lot of customary tools and resources to help make the job a little more manageable. One of the more common and also useful tools are gloves for tactical professionals. What are the different types of tactical gloves? Let’s take a closer look at this matter to help you decide which type is best suited to your situation and needs.

PIG executive tactical glove in black sheepskin leather

All Terrain

When looking at the different types of tactical gloves, it is important to note that they do not all serve the same purpose. While all types of tactical gloves are designed with certain activities in mind, such as using a firearm, the different types each have their own unique qualities. The term all-terrain glove is usually a confusing one for most people. An all-terrain glove is not necessarily the same as a sniper’s gauntlet or a needlestick. An all-terrain glove is simply a tactical glove that can be used in any setting or conditions. For instance, this type of glove is manufactured to be durable enough to withstand any type of weather or conditions. This can mean things like it gives great grip even when wet to combat the slip caused by water, or something along the lines of being cut resistant and impact proof for added durability. These gloves can have different features, such as fingerprint technology to allow for device use, padded knuckles for added protection, or other features designed to make these gloves durable and multi-functional, which makes them a basic go-to glove for many tactical professionals.

Sniper’s Gauntlets

While the all-terrain glove can also be a shooting glove for the tactical professional, there is also a glove designed specifically for sniper shooters in the line of duty. Designed to have more dexterity than your typical all-terrain or shooting gloves, these are made especially for shooting snipers. They often thinner and less protective than most all-terrain gloves. The focus is on the grip and being able to move your fingers with ease in a hurry as opposed to being super durable or protective.


When looking at the different types of tactical gloves, needlestick gloves are another specialty glove for tactical professionals. These gloves are designed to protect against needles penetrating the glove and skin. These are especially useful for law enforcement officers working in certain urban settings or on drug raids where the potential occurrence of a needle piercing the skin are increased. These gloves can still have the same features as all-terrain or regular shooting gloves, but they also have the added and sole purpose of protecting against needle punctures.

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