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When you work in a tactical environment, your hands are a crucial part of your job. From being able to pull your weapon and make the shot when it matters most to being able to use your radio or other communication devices, wearing the wrong gloves can literally be the difference between life and death. When it comes to tactical gloves, flexibility is the key concern with protection from the elements coming in a very close second. Any glove that adds bulkiness and loss of movement for the sake of protection is a gateway to disaster on the job or in the field.

We offer an expansive selection of tactical gloves designed with your specific needs in mind. With such trusted brands as Under Amour, Mechanix, Oakley, PIG, and more, you can rest assured these tactical gloves have been made with the highest standards of quality and a deep understanding of your performance needs as a tactical professional. Made with dexterity and flexibility in mind, all of the tactical gloves in our inventory offer protection against the elements without sacrificing your ability to get the job done. We offer gloves in various durable materials such as nylon, leather, and options with thermal rubber hooks and blended synthetic fabrics designed to last through the most rugged situations. The gloves we offer are designed to keep your hands warm during colder months, with some models created to help you keep cool in the summer with improved air flow design, as well as help improve your grip. They offer various grip aids from textured rubber ridged palms to the overall flexibility of the finger joints for a tighter grip. With an emphasis on function as well as movement, these gloves come in sensor styles with fingertips able to communicate with technology and other devices. When you need gloves designed with your unique needs in mind, we have you covered with these affordable and reliable options.

At Tactical Distributors, it is a privilege to be your destination for all your tactical needs. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help in any way.

Check out our Tactical Gloves Buying Guide for more help in your purchase.

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