MTHD - Mountain | Tundra | H20 | Desert

Over the mountain, tundra, whether encountering H20 or trekking through the desert, our tactical-inspired outdoor brand will take you to your mission through whatever climate you encounter. Years of expertise in high-quality tactical gear have allowed us to perfect a layering system for all—military, LEO, extreme mountaineer, and civilian alike. One of the most advanced layering systems designed for global climate zones made it easy. Clear labels and offering exceptional quality materials made to today's highest standards allow experts and beginners alike to outfit themselves to face any challenge. MTHD, or Mountain | Tundra | H20 | Desert, has worked in tandem with reputable premier brands to build our products from the ground up. Some of the world's most recognizable brands have partnered with MTHD, like eVent® fabrics, Polartec©, Cordura©, Global Merino, and other Bluesign® approved premium fabric and trim suppliers.

You will find every piece you need to keep your body temp regulated, comfortable, dry, and safe with today's most cutting-edge materials. From L1 to L5 of our 5-layer system, every layer is meticulously made with the greatest attention to details that matter. For example, our Layer 1 (L1) Merino long sleeve shirt places the thumb holes parallel as opposed to perpendicular, making them so comfortable as to be used beyond a single use piece of clothing. Exceptional design makes the anatomical shaping of the MTHD line feel as if wearing our layers is the most natural thing in the world. The range of movement is generous, and sizing runs true.

Our mission at TD has always been to provide specialized, high-end tactical and survival equipment at budget-friendly prices without sacrificing the quality that is essential in these products. With MTHD we wanted to go above and beyond our already high-quality standards and provide a line of performance gear that will always keep up with you, no matter what biomes you inhabit or plan on trekking through.

Want to know more about MTHD products? Have questions about what is right for you? Please reach out to us today for any questions or concerns you may have about our MTHD one-of-a-kind products. We'd love to assist you.