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Planning a wedding is an exciting and stressful time for all parties involved – there are so many things to do, checklists to complete, and appointments to attend, all in a seemingly short amount of time. Today, we’re here to relieve some stress and help you check one more thing off your list by sharing our guide to the best tactical gifts for groomsmen. You might not have considered using tactical gear/items as wedding favors, but you’d be surprised to learn that they can make great gifts! So if you want to get the guys something fun for being part of your special day, we have a few ideas for you. Instead of rushing to find last-minute gifts, try out a few of these suggestions. Your buddies will thank you for all their cool items, and you’ll have given them something to commemorate the special occasion.

Tactical Gifts for Groomsmen

You may have seen our Gift Guide for Tactical Lovers and Friends, which has a ton of amazing gift options for any occasion. However, not all of these products are the best choice for wedding favors, so we’re going to recommend a few that we think would be fantastic for this occasion. Choose one (or all!) of these Tactical Distributors products to create an awesome gift basket for your groomsmen.

  1. Battle Briefs Socks
    One of our favorite products that we offer here at TD is our Battle Briefs socks. Now, we know what you might be thinking – aren’t socks kind of a boring gift? Well, yeah. Sometimes that’s the case, but Battle Briefs socks are different, and we’ll tell you why! Socks, while sometimes boring on their own, are a versatile gift that’s perfect for any occasion. They’re a necessity that almost everyone uses on a daily basis, so no one will be upset to receive a fresh pair. But Battle Briefs socks are unique; they feature bold, funky patterns and vibrant color combos that you don’t find on regular socks. Check out the Battle Briefs Socks Unicorn pair, or the Battle Briefs Socks RWB Rogue. You can’t say that your buddies wouldn’t be thrilled to see those in their wedding favor basket! They’re perfect for lounging around together, or (if you’re feeling extra bold), everyone could wear their matching socks to the ceremony/reception. We love these socks so much, we include them in almost all of our gift guides – they’re just that good. Check them out for yourself today. 

  2. Morale Patches
    Are your groomsmen enlisted in the military? Maybe they’re just really into classic military insignia. If that’s the case, we highly recommend checking out our morale patches. These patches often feature humorous images or expressions and are traditionally used as identification within a unit, such as brigades or divisions. Even if you won’t be using these patches as they were originally intended, many people enjoy building their own collection of unique pieces. Plus, since the patches aren’t marked as official by military personnel, you and your friends could all wear matching patches together to signify your bond. We have many options to choose from, including the parody Activity Don The Eagle Patch and the Activity Popeye The Frogman Patch. Your friends will get a kick out of these hilarious patches.

  3. Crew Neck Sweatshirts
    Looking for a practical gift that your groomsmen can get a lot of use out of? Crew neck sweatshirts from Tactical Distributors are an excellent choice. Not only are these crew necks super comfortable, but they can be worn for many different occasions. Have a fun night out on the town planned for your bachelor party? Having everyone wear matching sweatshirts is a great way to commemorate the occasion while making sure nobody gets lost in the chaos of the evening. Wanting to get more comfortable after the ceremony so you can dance it out at the reception? Our crew necks are the perfect solution. If this sounds like something your friends would enjoy, then check out the TD Apparel Black Jag Crew Neck Sweatshirt. It’s very comfortable and, since it comes in black, it’s versatile enough to be worn with anything.

  4. Gift Cards
    Our final recommendation is one that you can never really go wrong with, and that’s gift cards. A gift card from Tactical Distributors is ideal for any occasion, so it makes for a perfect groomsmen’s gift. Grab one of these for each of your buddies so they can pick out something they really want. Our gift cards are virtual, so they’re delivered by email and contain instructions for redemption at checkout. The process is simple, but your friends will appreciate being able to pick out a gift that they know they’ll use.

Need Assistance? We Have The Best Customer Service In The Business!

We hope this gift guide for groomsmen has helped you find a few new ideas, or that it at least inspired you to start looking into other tactical gifts we have to offer. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options, and we think your groomsmen will agree. If you have questions about any of these TD products, or you need assistance in another way, please give us a call. When we say we offer the best customer service in the business, we mean it. Find out for yourself today!