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When it comes to the outdoors, there is no denying that the weather can get in the way of some basic tasks. With this in mind, Rite in the Rain set to work nearly a century ago to remedy the need to write in wet places. The need was first recorded when the founder, Jerry Darling, observed loggers on a rainy day unable to write down important information. From there he set out to create the now famous Rite in the Rain tactical tools which allow you to write information in rainy areas without worry.

We are honored to bring you a diverse selection of Rite in the Rain gear for your next mission or outdoor adventure. One of the more innovative products is the target training kit which is ideal for rainy weather. These waterproof sheets are able to withstand rain and snow for up to a year and they are double sided to allow for more training without the need for replacing them as soon. Aside from the target training, one of the most common applications for Rite in the Rain tactical products is the use of notebooks and pens made to handle the weather without issue. These notebooks and pens can be thrown in a bag, pocket, or backpack without the water damage being a concern. The covers are made with waterproof material to ensure a reliable outcome without the smearing or smudging of ink while the pens are made with their own unique features. The pens are capable of functioning in temperatures ranging from 30F below to 250F which covers a range of locales and situations. The barrel of the pen is designed to prevent leaks or evaporation of ink for added peace of mind. We also offer their pencil which is designed to work in rain or snow without worry. Whether for a tactical mission or your next outdoor adventure, this is a handy resource to have on hand.

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