Noisefighters SightLines - Howard Leight

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$ 39.99
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Now 25% thicker for more softness, sound deadening, and more comfort for those with big ears!

This is the single best upgrade you can make to your Howard Leight electronic ear protection!

These gel ear pads are far more comfortable than the default ones that came with your Howard Leights, and it has built in relief cuts for your eye protection to slide in easily without breaking the seal of the ear pads and causing discomfort. They help deaden noise even further, too.


  • Impact Sport
  • Impact Pro
  • Leightning
  • Sync
  • Viking


  • The first ever replacement gel earmuff with relief cuts for eye pro. No longer will wearing eye pro cause headaches, nor will it break the seal and cause noise to leak in
  • Works great with both with glasses that have both straight stems and hooked stems
  • Hit those 2 hour+ range sessions without ever needing to remove your ear protection because of discomfort
  • Unique horseshoe-ring shaped double-hump front face and 1/4" of silicone gel provide significantly increased comfort
  • Glasses will sit at a very slight upward angle when protected and using the relief cuts, and this feels natural after a couple minutes
  • If you don't want to use the relief cuts, no problem, the pads still work better than the default ones and they are still much more comfortable
  • Constructed with super-premium acoustic memory foam which leads to enhanced sound deadening that is immediately noticeable, even to the casual user
  • Designed for use in any climate
  • Polyurethane outer skin of pad is UV-resistant, waterproof, and durable
  • Made in the USA by a USMC Veteran owned company


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