MTHD Mountain eVent™ DVstorm DVexpedition Hardshell 3L Pant L5

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Color: Black


The MTHD Mountain Hardshell 3L Pant balances being lightweight, breathable, and durable with excellent waterproofness.  As a hybrid creation using eVent fabrics DVstorm and DVexpedition laminates, this 4-season technical outerlayer will be your go-to pant for your outdoor endeavors.  Harness-compatible, pockets?  Check.  Adjustable waistband plus a functional fly?  Check and check.  Full-size side zippers for easy-on & off that double up as leg vents?  CHECK...You get the picture. 

100% Nylon ripstop, 3-layer fabrication utilizing eVent fabrics DVstorm [30K MVT] lightweight nylon mini ripstop material in the body, and pocket bags for maximum breathability. Paired with eVent fabrics DVexpedition [30K WP] midweight nylon ripstop weave in the seatknees, lower legs and interior facings for durability and maximum waterproofness.  Fully taped seams with proprietary custom seam tape. YKK AquaGuard® zippers with glove-friendly zipper pullers.  Metal hardware trims and the hidden hem drawcord adjustment both connect and cinch around your footwear to help keep out the elementsHigh-back waistband, gusseted crotch, and articulated knees for an active fit.  Thigh pocket even has a key clip attachment.  Thoughtful attention to detail will impress you. And the modern branding and logo applications will certainly impress your friends. 

What makes eVent laminates better?  The critical difference against traditional waterproof/breathable fabrications is the billions of microscopic pores built into the proprietary membrane that works instantly to vent water vapor (sweat) that builds up inside your apparel and footwear when you perform.  Dubbed Direct Venting™ technology, and unlike other membranes, it doesn't need to get wet to work. Direct Venting™ technology is engineered to keep you in the ‘dry zone’ – a steady state of temperature and humidity that reduces the wild swings our bodies go through to stay in balance during physical exertion.  This 'dry system' allows eVent fabrics to be fully waterproof and fully breathable – thus keeping you dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions.  The result? You’ll spend more time performing at your best and less time fussing with your gear. And when conditions are bad, that can make all the difference. 

DVexpedition, provides the ultimate in durability and all-weather protection. Built for those who continually push the limits, DVexpedition provides the greatest waterproof protection without sacrificing air permeability. At its best when the conditions are at their worst. 

DVstorm is built for moderate weather and WAAAY-above-moderate activity. If you're a serious runner, cyclist or adventurer, this is the garment to get caught in the rain with. Lightweight face fabrics paired with 10 denier backers offers the lightest and most breathable of the eVent laminate series that’s perfect for missions demanding light and fast all-weather protection.  

In the 3-layer construction, the membrane is laminated to a lightweight tricot mesh “lining” material on one side and to the outer face fabric on the other.  Each textile layer has its own function and when combined as one, works together as a precise operating unit for the best performance.  The hardshell is the last layer [L5] to complete your outdoor apparel kit against the elements.  

Fabric Care:  Technical outerwear benefits from regular washing to perform optimally. Carefully review and follow the garment’s care label instructions.  Before washing, secure all zippers and closures. Machine wash warm (110°F / 40°C) with a high-performance cleaner like Nikwax® Tech Wash. If you elect to use a conventional liquid laundry detergent, a second rinse will help to remove all traces of detergent from the fabric.  Never dry-clean your garment or use fabric softeners, bleach or stain removal products.  Tumble dry, using a low heat setting, to rejuvenate your garment’s durable water-repellent finish (DWR).   

DWR serves as an invisible first line of defense in wet conditions, and, when working properly, causes moisture to bead up on the fabric surface and roll off.  A DWR finish will degrade over time and will occasionally need to be replenished. A simple way to test your garment’s DWR finish is to lightly spray or splash it with water and see if the water is beading up or being absorbed by the fabric. If the fabric ‘wets out,’ it’s time to revive the DWR finish. When it’s time to retreat the DWR finish, we recommend a DWR replenishing product like Nikwax® TX.Direct® Wash-In or TX.Direct® Spray-On.   

Materials: 100% Nylon, 3-Ply 10 Denier Ripstop [DVstorm: 10m Water Column, 31,000 G/M2 Breathability, 0.2 Cfm Air Permeability]; 100% Nylon, 3-Ply 70 Denier Ripstop [DVexpedition: 30m Water Column, 11,000 G/M2 Breathability, 0.06 Cfm Air Permeability] 


  • Athletic Fit 
  • 3-ply Hardshell Fabric Technology with DWR surface treatment 
  • Lightweight/ Highly Breathable Body Panels and Pockets 
  • Durable/ Highly Waterproof Seat, Knees, and Lower Leg Panels 
  • Fully Taped Seams 
  • Adjustable Waistband with Side Hooks 
  • Functional Fly and Waistband Closure 
  • High Back Waistband with Brushed Interior 
  • Harness-compatible Thigh Pockets 
  • Hidden Hem Drawcord Adjustments 
  • 2-way Full-length Side Zippers 
  • Key Clip 
  • Articulated Knees 
  • Gusseted Crotch 
  • Boot Hook Attachment for Laces 
  • Metal Eyelets for Paracord Attachment 
  • YKK AquaGuard® Zippers 


MTHD = Mountain, Tundra, H2O, Desert