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For those in a tactical profession, humor is a great way to ease some of the tensions associated with the high pressures of the job. With Dump Box badges and accessories, you can show your sense of humor and add some fun to your day. Known for their loud and sometimes brash humor and slogans, Dump Box has long created products that say what needs to be said by those who aren’t afraid to say it. Add some attitude to your style today with these in-your-face options.

We offer a diverse selection of Dump Box products to help amp up the attitude. While we offer a selection of shirts with their slogans for a bold statement and stickers for a quieter statement, the most popular items are the Dump Box badges. These morale badges are made with the character and attitude you expect from this brand. As a brand known to have a finger on the pulse of culture while carefully mixing in a touch of nostalgia, these badges pay homage to the tactical lifestyle with a tongue in cheek approach. Choose from options with pop culture references celebrating the complicated work you do every day. Patches are Velcro backed making them perfect for adding to your fatigues uniform or a backpack. We offer both PVC designs and carefully embroidered patches for an accessory that is always well-made with attention to every detail. All their products are proudly in the USA for quality manufacturing that supports your country! Add some of these fun, edgy badges, stickers, or a shirt to your next adventure today!

At Tactical Distributors, we are honored to be your destination for the latest in tactical gear and accessories. Whether looking for an absolute essential such as a holster or a fun addition like morale badges, we have you covered with our wide selection from the top names in the industry. If you have any questions or issues, our team would be happy to assist you further. Order today and get exactly what you need with these exceptional products.