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Suit up with one of the leading brands in outdoor and tactical gear. Arcteryx LEAF tactical wear and gear offer superior performance, keeping you comfortable and protected in the most rugged outdoor environments. Founded by mountain climbers, Arcteryx tactical clothing is designed by people who know the importance of appropriate outdoor apparel.

Our large selection of Arcteryx LEAF apparel is comprised of various types of clothing, including jackets, pants, gloves, cold weather gear, and more. No matter what you’re looking for, we offer a variety of styles, from camo to solid muted colors. All Arc'teryx gear is made of high-quality, durable materials that will outlast and outperform other brands. You can face the elements with confidence, knowing that the military-grade Gore-Tex fabric used in their manufacturing controls moisture and regulates body temperature in harsh climates.

Many of our options are equipped with unique features that prioritize your safety and comfort. WaterTight zippers keep water out and offer extra ventilation while remaining easy to operate in cold temperatures with gloves. Cold weather gear is designed to keep you warm in any climate with nylon lining for additional insulation, waterproof material to combat snow and ice, and extra pockets for storing hats, gloves, and accessories. Despite the layers that make up many of the clothing options, all Arcteryx tactical apparel is breathable and allows unrestricted movement so that you can stay comfortable no matter the adventure.

Extra padding ensures comfort and versatility, keeping the jacket hem in place even when using a harness or hip belt. Some of our options have media ports to allow for internal routing of communications cables so you can protect any equipment you may be carrying with you. For 25 years, Arcteryx LEAF apparel has provided law enforcement and armed forces members with durable gear designed to withstand whatever the mission brings.

With Arcteryx, you can focus on the task at hand and enjoy the adventure comfortably and safely. At Tactical Distributors, we are glad to assist you in finding the best gear to suit your individual needs, so please contact us today with any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arc'teryx made in China?

Acr'teryx is created and designed in Vancouver, Canada, and is partnered with suppliers, manufacturers, and material suppliers from around the globe. These partnerships are made only with like-minded pioneering spirits that enjoy tackling difficult challenges.

Material selection is meticulous and extensive. Whether Arc'teryx develops materials in-house, in Canada, or directly sourced from a global supplier, comprehensive tests, including tests in-house and hands in the field are always conducted.

As such, Arc'teryx not only has facilities in China, but Canada, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, U.S.A, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, El Salvador, Germany, Myanmar, Cambodia and, Japan.

Is Arc'teryx a good brand?

Arc'teryx is not only a fantastic brand but one of the top-tier lines of performance gear for Alpine climbing, skiing, mountaineering, and extreme sports in all manner of environments and weather. The amount of quality assurance, testing, as well as extreme diligence in delivering the best makes Arc'teryx one of the industry's best on the market today.

Is Arc'teryx better than Patagonia?

It entirely depends on what you want for your gear or jackets. Arc'teryx is high-end materials for extreme performance, while Patagonia appeals to more casual activities and every-day appeal. If you are looking for highly technical, exceptional quality for severe conditions, then that's where Arc'teryx excels over Patagonia.