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As a company that was founded by mountain climbers over 25 years ago, Arc’teryx offers superior performance to match their rugged history. They are well-known for their knowledge of the outdoors and the types of designs needed to excel in dangerous environments. It’s for this reason that Arc’teryx is named after Archaeopteryx Lithographica, which according to evolutionary history, was the first reptile that ever evolved the feathers it needed for flight. Just like how the Archaeopteryx gained the attire it needed to gain confidence and soar (literally) to new levels, so can users of Arc’teryx LEAF tactical wear do the same on their own outdoor adventures. To ensure that their products are of the absolute highest quality, able to withstand the elements of the outdoors, Arc’teryx has partnered itself with a variety of reputable suppliers and factories across the globe.

Our selection of Arc’teryx LEAF tactical wear and gear offer something for every adventure, including pants, shirts, cold weather wear, gloves, backpacks, and more. All of the options we offer feature the exceptional quality and performance this brand has built their reputation on over the years. We offer many options in the traditional camo style, as well as solid muted colors ideal for outdoor adventures, made of the best in materials such as military grade Gore-Tex fabric which is designed to control moisture and regulate body temperature. The clothing options are made to keep you warm and dry against even the harshest of natural elements. With our selection of Arc’teryx LEAF tactical wear and gear, you can get the best in comfort and rugged performance from head to toe. In addition to the high-performing clothing, other popular choices are the exceptional backpacks and bags.

These options are built with durability in mind and feature such helpful design components as hydration openings, anatomically shaped shoulder straps, padding on all sides, and more. Find exactly what you need for your next adventure with this reliable brand.

At Tactical Distributers, we are happy to assist you in finding the right gear for your needs. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arc'teryx made in China?

Acr'teryx is created and designed in Vancouver, Canada, and is partnered with suppliers, manufacturers, and material suppliers from around the globe. These partnerships are made only with like-minded pioneering spirits that enjoy tackling difficult challenges.

Material selection is meticulous and extensive. Whether Arc'teryx develops materials in-house, in Canada, or directly sourced from a global supplier, comprehensive tests, including tests in-house and hands in the field are always conducted.

As such, Arc'teryx not only has facilities in China, but Canada, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, U.S.A, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, El Salvador, Germany, Myanmar, Cambodia and, Japan.

Is Arc'teryx a good brand?

Arc'teryx is not only a fantastic brand but one of the top-tier lines of performance gear for Alpine climbing, skiing, mountaineering, and extreme sports in all manner of environments and weather. The amount of quality assurance, testing, as well as extreme diligence in delivering the best makes Arc'teryx one of the industry's best on the market today.

Is Arc'teryx better than Patagonia?

It entirely depends on what you want for your gear or jackets. Arc'teryx is high-end materials for extreme performance, while Patagonia appeals to more casual activities and every-day appeal. If you are looking for highly technical, exceptional quality for severe conditions, then that's where Arc'teryx excels over Patagonia.

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