GBRS Modular Chest Rig Lite

$ 147.99
Color: MultiCam

GBRS Group Modular Chest Rig

The Modular Chest Rig (M.C.R.) consists of a low profile and minimalistic approach. Designed with the latest advancements in tactical engineering, our Modular Chest Rig is a masterpiece of adaptability. Meticulously crafted using bridges, "I" Joints, and "W" Joints, this rig empowers you to create your own setup with ease. Whether you're an operator, an enthusiast, or a professional, this rig adapts to your unique needs, allowing you to fine-tune your loadout for any mission.

We offer two distinct versions of our Modular Chest Rig: HVY (Heavy) and LTE (Light). No matter your weapon of choice, our rig provides a rock-solid foundation for your gear. With reinforced mounting points constructed from 8-Layer Tegris, you can trust its durability even in the most demanding situations. Engineered to be lightweight and flexible, thanks to the integration of B52 and Squadron Laminate. This ensures you maintain agility while keeping essential items within arm's reach.

Our chest rig was born from the desire to offer end-users the power of rapid customization. With its modular design and adaptable joints, you can effortlessly swap out pouches, holsters, and accessories to suit your ever-evolving needs.

The M.C.R. is not just a piece of gear; it's a precision-engineered system crafted with your demands in mind. It's the embodiment of adaptability, built for those who demand the very best from their equipment.

 ***Pouches pictured are not included with M.C.R. kit. SOLD SEPARATELY***