Dynamis Alliance Revere Blade Package

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Dynamis Alliance

$ 549.99


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$ 549.99
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The Revere Blade is one of the most sought after Dynamis designs. Built for combat and concealed use. This design would have been born if The Dynamis Blade and the Razorback had a baby. This has been one of Dom’s favorite builds so far and we decided to bring it back because of the demand!

Inspired by Warriors through their collective experience in close quarters battle and combatives. The blade is cut from CPM3V, one of the toughest, most wear resistant steels on the market. The overall cutting edge is 3.75″ with serrations on the back edge. Each Blade has a unique sculpted micarta handle which is perfect for both reverse and forward grip fighting. The custom micarta grip is ideal for both bare and gloved hands. For extreme grip, jimmping was placed on the thumb ramp, under the hilt, and on the pommel. The Dynamis blade is an easily concealable combative blade that transitions seamlessly to a professional working environment.


Forged proudly in the USA and hand crafted by Winkler Knives

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