Shaw Concepts Elastic TQ Add-On Pouch

$ 25.00
SKU: 001-034-001-001
Color: MultiCam

The Elastic Tourniquet Add-On or ETA is our MOLLE compatible tourniquet retention solution. Born from the bottom tourniquet sleeve of our older placards. The ETA is designed to hold a CAT Tourniquet securely while also allowing easy access to the life saving device in a timely manner. The ETA accomplishes with Mil-Spec Elastic and an open topped design. The ETA mounts to 3 rows of MOLLE vertically and uses a Tegris Thermoplastic tuck tab to secure it tightly to the desired platform. 


-4" Mil-Spec Elastic for Tight Tourniquet Retention

-MOLLE Compatible (3 Rows Tall)

-Less than an ounce in weight

-Secure Mounting w/Tegris Tuck Tab

-Cordura Laminate Construction


Weight: 1 Oz


Dimensions & Footprint:

-Mounts to One Column Wide & Three Rows Down

-Dimensions ~1.5" Wide, 1" Deep & 5" Tall


Proudly made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Tourniquets & Accessories not included*